The Starr County Industrial Foundation




Who We Are

Created in 1974 the Starr County Industrial Foundation (SCIF) is a non-profit organization founded and supported by local government and business leaders that are committed to further develop and diversify the local economy through sound, controlled economic growth. Over the years SCIF has developed a core competency in a varied spectrum of administrative and promotion roles which has placed it in a position to capitalize industrial and economical development in the Starr County region.

What We Do

  • Advise companies about our market and potential opportunities
  • Assist corporations in finding office space or land sites
  • Serve as an advocate to simplify the process of working with local governments
  • Connect companies with influential business and community leaders
  • Create strategic initiatives to support growth in specific industry sectors
  • Identify potential financial incentives and cost-saving programs
  • Energizing Business - Enriching Neighborhoods - Promoting Advocacy
  • Fostering Training and Education - Strengthening Infrastructure
  • Developing Skilled Workforce