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Emerging Industries

Emerging Industries

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  • Date : 21 August, 2020
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Sustainable Energy Resources

Cleaner Global Environment

The world faces increasing environmental pressures, including rising air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss and waste generation. Numerous policies and initiatives have emerged at the international level to respond to these challenges, but more must be done to ensure a rapid green transition and a cleaner global environment. These changes will need to happen in a context of other major structural transformations, including economic convergence between developed and developing countries, rising urbanization, and the diffusion of automation and digitalization.


Innovation – the creation and diffusion of new ideas – is at the heart of the transition to a cleaner global environment. This includes not only technological innovation, but also innovation in economic and social systems and in lifestyles. Innovation is the main source of modern economic growth, which implies that the green transition is very compatible with long-term econonomic growth.

The Transition

The green transition depends on the development and diffusion of new technological, economic, social, behavioural and business model innovations. These include electricity production, distribution and storage; agriculture and forestry; natural resource exploitation; buildings; transportation; water supply and treatment; waste management; and environmental remediation. Many of the necessary innovations in each of these sectors already exist and now need to be diffused and scaled up. This process can be eased thanks to the development of enabling innovations such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain technologies. At least in the technological domain, the pace of innovation for the green transition has accelerated markedly since the mid-2000s. However, it is still insufficient to address the environmental challenges facing the planet today, and there is evidence to suggest that the pace of green innovation has slowed again in recent years. This suggests that major barriers remain and need to be lifted in order to accelerate the transition.


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