Workforce Education

Workforce Education

Workforce Education

Post secondary activities (seminar, workshop, course, customized training, etc.) that develop or enhance the skills of existing employees or members of any business or industry.

We can measure and improve Starr County's many workforce training and effectiveness programs through continuing education and workforce programs that increase the skillset of our citizens. Join our community and add a little sparkle to your future.

We also include training provided to individuals, whether employed or unemployed, that is designed to meet the employment needs of the student and/or employer by enhancing occupational, technical, and/or soft (communication, computational, and interpersonal) skills.

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Workforce Solution

Our Workforce Training Department offers training designed to provide educational opportunities that maximize workforce performance, career development, and self-enrichment.

The goal of the Workforce Training Department is to assist individuals, businesses, industries, and the community meet their training and education needs. All training events are intended to enrich, strengthen, and support participating students.

Based upon community interest and need, training helps students upgrade their skills, increase their knowledge, learn a new hobby, advance their careers, solve problems, and stimulate their minds.


February 19, 2022


Workforce Education